Cow Camp Love Story

Virgil and Emily’s love story started after they met at a cattle conference in Alberta, Canada. They both grew up ranching in Southern Alberta and spent many years working in the beef industry. We love how their backgrounds are rooted in ranching, and the way Emily described their sweet engagement story:

We feel so lucky that our lives intertwine together in such a way that our passions, our goals and our lifestyles fit, more than just at home, but also at work, and in play. He is my best friend and there is nothing in life that I don't share with him.

I always told him that my favorite place in the world was a chunk of pasture across the river from my parents place where we run yearlings in the summer. We had been talking about setting up a rotational grazing system on the place for a while, and I was getting anxious to get things going for next spring. One morning in early September, when we were getting ready go head to my parent's place for the day, Virgil suggested that we take a side stop at the pasture to maybe map out a few ideas for fencing.

It was a chilly morning, when we pulled up to the chunk of grass, down a wandering dead end gravel road. I love that place for so many reasons. It's off the beaten trail, down a road that is rarely traveled, the view of the Rocky Mountains is unparalleled, and I have so many memories of moving yearlings there from when I was a child. We both hoped out of the truck and sauntered about through the dewy grass. Amidst me going on about watering systems, fence lines and grass varieties, Virgil developed a little smirk on his face. Suddenly he dropped to one knee and began with: "Stanley, (my nick name) You are my best friend.." Before he could even get on to the next sentence, I cut him off and repeatedly shouted yes - I couldn't even wait for him to finish his speech!

In a little black box was a beautiful diamond ring with a hand engraved band, designed and made by one of Virgil's High School friends, and engraver extraordinaire, Tayte McRae.

That boy sure does know me inside and out. The moment was perfect, the ring was perfect, but most importantly, the person is perfect. It is a memory that will be treasured for my lifetime.

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