A Colorado Mountain Side Engagement

“Jamie and Jesse met at the Greeley Stampede and they instantly spent the rest of that week attending bullfighting events and enjoying each other's company. Jesse knew instantly that it was love at first sight when he saw Jamie walking through the dust filled parking lot of trailers that night, and the two have been inseparable ever since. A few weeks later when Jesse wanted to take the relationship public, he and Jamie found themselves at a campsite in South Dakota. The only thing Jesse remembers is the two of them talking and laughing for hours and hours, until he finally got the courage to ask Jamie to be his girlfriend. Fast forward weeks, months and years later, Jesse describes his relationship with Jamie as a "burning fire that never dwindles". In April of 2018 he would take her on a weekend getaway to Glenwood Springs, CO, where he planned on asking her to be his wife. At the top of Glenwood Canyon Lookout Jesse began to get down on one knee and open the box. As he said, “will you marry me,” the ring rolled out of the box, and through one of the cracks on the over looks! Without hesitation Jesse jumped off the overlook to grabbed the ring! He didn't quite know what he had done until he landed, but it was fine. He survived and needless to say the two are getting married this upcoming June!” Told by Lindsey Miller of Miss Miller’s Photography.

Photography // Miss. Miller’s Photography
Location // Rocky Mountain National Park