River Ride Lovin' In Tennessee

There are SO MANy things that we love about Allen + Katherine’s session that took place at Allen’s family ranch in Williamsport, TN. A horseback ride through the river during the fall is always dreamy and the outfits that the two of them chose for this occasion were so fun! Our favorite part about their session is the story behind their engagement. Take the time to read through it, you’ll fall in love!

“They first said "Hello" in April of 2012 after Katherine had come in from UT Knoxville for the annual UT Martin Rodeo. It's still up for question on who approached who first but none the less, that's where it all began. From that point on, not a whole lot was spoken. Occasionally, a "hey, how's it going?" was asked, but Katherine wasn't giving into Allen that easily. After Allen graduated from UTM and Katherine from UTK, they both set out for Montana, not knowing they would be in the same state. After so many "likes" on social media by Katherine, Allen continued to reach out to her but that didn't seem to get him very far. Lucky for Katherine, Allen's persistence traveled back to Tennessee with him

After they both returned to their home state of Tennessee, Allen's persistence finally started to pay off. In January 2015, he was finally able to turn the "hey, how's it going?" into much more of a conversation. Katherine had always been fascinated by Allen's cowboy lifestyle but the turning point for her was when he mentioned being a song leader at church. This, my friends, was a game changer. Allen and Katherine were both raised Church of Christ, which was the main thing that attracted Allen to Katherine. Allen also fell in love with Katherine's infectious smile and willingness to load up and go every time Allen wanted to hit the road for another rodeo. Allen quickly figured out that Katherine's only concern was when she was going to get to eat next because well, priorities. Katherine's need for adventure and Allen's willingness to take her there only helps solidify them being a perfect match. It wasn't very long after their first date that they realized they had spent almost every weekend with one another.

In September 2016, they planned a trip to Montana to see one of Allen's best friends, Andrew Weaver. The week before they left on their trip Allen and Katherine went to West Tennessee to visit her parents and get some things she needed before they left for Montana. This was when Allen pulled Mr. Nick aside after church to ask his blessing. Mr. Nick, of course, said yes and while both excited and emotional, gave Allen a little advice on how to handle Katherine (she's still concerned about what all that advice entails). They were able to leave West Tennessee without Katherine having the slightest clue as to what was really going on.

The morning of their trip they headed to the airport. Upon arrival, Allen left Katherine in the check bag line, speeding ahead of her to get through security before she even got off her shoes. She found this a little odd but even more so, while they were waiting for their flight Katherine began to notice that Allen would not take off his backpack... not even to go to the restroom so while she raised an eyebrow at this she thought he was just being, well, Allen.

Finally, they arrived in Montana and after a week of site seeing, pushing cows, and elk hunting, Katherine was in for the greatest surprise of her life. They had gotten up every morning before the sun and as the week was coming to an end Allen wanted to give it one last go at killing an elk. Up until this point, Katherine had walked every step with Allen but was thinking about sleeping in and hanging out on the ranch for the day. His persistence and sweet smile convinced her to get up one more early morning (she sure is glad she did) and go with him. After a long day of walking and not seeing much action, they decided to call it a day and head back to camp. At the very top of the tallest mountain, Allen asked Katherine to take a picture with him. This is when she should have known something was up because Allen is not exactly the one to initiate taking a picture, ever. Still clueless, Katherine declined his offer to take a picture and in her defense, the wind was blowing something fierce, she was cold, hungry (remember, priorities), and well, she had zero makeup on her face. But despite all of that, Allen managed to coax her up the mountain for a picture.

Their guide held the phone and yelled, "1,2,3..." click, then Katherine began to walk off when Allen pulled her back in and began to get down on one knee. Still not picking up on this (very) obvious hint as to what was happening, she started to knell down with him until he began his speech and she quickly got back up realizing that it wasn't the altitude that had Allen going down to his knee...but that this was in fact the answer to her prayer that she had been praying since she first met him.” As submitted by Saved By Grace Photography

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Location // Family Ranch

Photography // Saved By Grace