Glowing Love in Australia

It turns out that Megan + Jordan were destined to be together… but they didn’t find that out until about 10 years later!

“It’s like one of those romantic movies where you follow the stories of two different people that end up in the same places but never actually meet until the end and then they fall in love.” Amaris Crystal

Jordan actually knew Megan’s brother when they were younger but that wasn’t what brought them together! They both grew up and ended up being stationed in Canada at some point for two years and lived with heaps of horses, but… they never crossed paths. It wasn’t until she lived in Victoria and he met her at a rodeo down there that they began talking and ended up engaged a few months later!

Despite the horses walking away every time they tried to get the perfect shot, and Lucy (their Jack Russell) jumping through muddle puddles before they even started, their session turned out perfect! It was filled with lots of kisses and lots of dancing… is there anything better than that?!?

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